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Welcome to Audio Dimensions Home Page

Audio Dimensions is a company that specializes in advice on the easiest and most cost effective ways of creating and decoding all formats of surround sound. As well as offering advice, Audio Dimensions has designed and built its own state-of-the-art automated processor for the creation of surround sound.

What is surround sound?

First there was mono which utilisted one chanel of audio, then stereo. Utilising two channels of audio, this more than doubled the realism and sense of space that could be achieved over a mono recording. With advances in recording technologies and the increasing demands of the film and cinema environments multi channel formats have been developed to increase the audio realism for the listener.

However the surround sound areana can be confusing to professional as well as domestic users. This web site is dedicated to providing clear, concise information on all aspects of surround sound, from advise on purchasing the equipment necessary to produce and encode surround sound to the setup of a domestic home theatre system.

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