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The core of this site is a library of well over one hundred full text articles on Post-Polio conditions, many from peer reviewed medical journals. The library is catalogued to assist reading order and new articles are added typically every few weeks. A categorised directory of polio resources is also provided with every entry having a description. Polio news items from around the world are regularly included in the NewsBites section and all the bi-monthly LincPIN newsletters are available online.

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Information about us including online copies of all our Newsletters and our World-Wide Conference and Seminar Diary. Over one hundred Polio and Post-Polio articles online. Fully catalogued. All articles are full text versions, not abstracts. Comprehensive catalogue of Polio and Post-Polio resources on the Internet and elsewhere.
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Short news items, with a Post-Polio element, gleaned from 'here, there and everywhere' A brief but concise overview of Post-Polio Syndrome. For an overview of medical terminology used to describe Post-Polio conditions see Terminology, also by the author of this overview. Month by month list of new or changed information on this site. Also has details of our EMAIL UPDATE NOTIFICATION SERVICE
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