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A practical approach to the late effects of Polio

Charlotte Leboeuf

Lincolnshire Post-Polio Library version by arrrangement with the
Neurological Resource Centre of South Australia (Inc.)
Sourced from the British Polio Fellowship Version
Published 1991

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Readers of this booklet will realise that it was originally published in Australia. For this reason the sources of further information, listed in chapter fifteen, do not all apply in the United Kingdom and Eire.

However, there are likely to be local equivalents of some of the agencies listed. Your local Citizen's Advice Bureau may be able to help and more and more local self-help advice centres for and of people with disabilities are being set up around the country. They may be able to advise you of local facilities, such as Disabled Living Centres, where practical advice and access to displays will be available.

Further copies of this booklet are available from:

The British Polio Fellowship
Ground Floor
Unit A Eagle Office Centre
The Runway
South Ruislip
Middx HA4 6SE

For further details of UK Polio Organisations including the BPF see the LPPN Organisations Directory - UK Section


Introduction and Acknowledgements
1 Polio - Looking Back
2 Polio - Today
3 Polio - Looking Forward
4 What Does "The Late Effects Of Polio" Mean?
5 What Causes The Late Effects Of Polio?
6 What Symptoms Can Occur With The Late Effects Of Polio?
7 How Common Are These Symptoms?
8 How Can The Late Effects Of Polio Affect My Daily Living?
9 How Long After An Acute Polio Infection Are The Symptoms Of The Late Effects Of Polio Likely To Appear?
10 Is Anything Known To Trigger The Late Effects Of Polio?
11 How Do I Know If I Have The Late Effects Of Polio?
12 Can I Prevent The Late Effects Of Polio And If So How?
13 What Should I Do If I Already Have The Late Effects Of Polio?
14 Who Else Might Be Able To Help Me Manage The Late Effects Of Polio?
15 Where Can I Get More Information About Managing The Late Effects Of Polio?

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Document preparation: Chris Salter, Original Think-tank, Cornwall, United Kingdom.
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Created: 30th December 1997
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