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Alba, Augusta S., MD
Anderson, Warren, Dr.
Anuras, Sinn, MD

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Alba, Augusta S., MD

For articles with Alba, Augusta S., MD as co-author or contributor see the following catalogue entries:

B - Bach, John R., MD
Article: Airway Secretion Clearance by Mechanical Exsufflation for Post-Poliomyelitis Ventilator-Assisted Individuals
Article: Pulmonary Dysfunction and Sleep Disordered Breathing as Post-Polio Sequelae: Evaluation and Management

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Anderson, Warren, Dr.

For articles with Anderson, Warren, Dr. as co-author or contributor see the following catalogue entries:

Article: An Approach To The Patient With Suspected Post Polio Syndrome

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Anuras, Sinn, MD

Title: Gastrointestinal Involvement In The Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS)
[ Full Text Here ] Our thanks to Tom Walter ( for providing this article.
Author(s): Assembled by Tom Walter from talks Dr. Sinn Anuras gave in the early '90's, plus feedback he gave to some local participants.
Abstract/Extract: Gastrointestinal involvement is common in the post-polio syndrome, and it appears to affect the entire gastrointestinal tract. Unfortunately, there are only a few studies in this fascinating area. More extensive studies are needed to understand the pathologic and pathophysiologic processes in this problem, so that patients can be treated properly. We report our survey of gastrointestinal symptoms that could affect up to 50 per cent of the post-polio syndrome patients in this review. We also propose the underlying pathophysiologic changes, outline the diagnosis and treatment for difficulties of various parts of the gastrointestinal tract.

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"Source" in the context of this catalogue primarily means original author. In a few cases it will be an organisation or conference.

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